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BBL in Turkey

Turkey, which has received patients from all over the world for BBL , is a country that has made its name in the world of aesthetics with its specialist doctors and experienced clinics. Turkey, which enables patients to leave clinics early with successful clinical results, medical expertise, the latest technology and high-quality care.

With its advanced aesthetic techniques, Turkey offers you reasonable and affordable prices compared to the ones abroad, providing you with accommodation and interpreter support during your stay. With its remarkable hospitality, Turkey receives a high satisfaction guarantee from its domestic and international patients.

We work with the best hospitals and medical clinics in Istanbul and offer a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures at great safety and affordable prices.

10 Reasons to be Treated in Turkey

  • Ultra-modern clinics and hospitals with international quality certificates and 5* hotel quality
  • Well-trained and experienced specialists and doctors as well as medical staff
  • Treatment with the latest technological equipment
  • Patient safety through strict government control of compliance with international health care laws
  • Between 50% and 70% lower costs than in most other countries
  • Short-term appointments for all types of treatments without annoying queues
  • No language barriers due to well-trained and multilingual assistants accompanying patients
  • Cost coverage for treatments by many international health insurances
  • Possibility to see the natural and historical beauties of Turkey during the rehabilitation process
  • Easy accessibility through the fourth-largest airline network in the world, Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to 197 international destinations in 104 countries

Medical facilities in Turkey use only leading international brands in their equipment, follow technical development and always keep their facilities up to date and modern!

Information About the Most Popular BBL Procedures

Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics

What is Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Aesthetics?

Brazilian butt lift surgery; It is the process of extracting fats from areas in the body. to reinject them in the butt for a better shape and image

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons can recommend the ideal shape for the operation as a result of the evaluations made specifically for the person's health and body structure. Since this plastic surgery is performed in line with individual demands in order to have the person's dream body appearance, it is a personalized operation.

Who Can Be Applied to Brazilian Hip (BBL) Aesthetics?

Brazilian butt lift surgery is suitable for anyone who wants to have a fuller, straighter and shaped butt.

People who gain and lose weight quickly can also apply for Brazilian buttock aesthetics against sagging. This surgery can also be performed for those who want to change the appearance of cellulite and pits on the butt. Individuals over the age of 18, whose health condition is suitable for the operation, who do not think of pregnancy, can have this aesthetic surgery.

In general, people with the following characteristics are probably good candidates for Brazilian butt lift:

Those without excessive sagging on the hips,
Those who have enough fat in other parts of the body to inject fat into the butt.

Types of BBL Surgery

There are 3 types of pop surgeries performed using the Brazilian butt lift technique. These types of surgery are as follows.

Butt Lift Surgery:

Over time, depending on many factors, there may be deterioration in the aesthetic appearance as a result of deformations in the butt angle. When viewed from the side profile of the butt, the maximal points succumbing to gravity and approaching the hip line is called sagging. Although there are non-surgical methods to prevent sagging, the only method that offers a definitive solution is butt lift surgery.

The main thing that keeps the butt upright is the strong muscles in the butt. Although these muscles are the largest and strongest muscles in the body, they lose their function over time. It is not possible to keep the butt muscles upright, especially when the butt volume grows unpredictably. Accordingly, the weakening of the connective tissues also contributes to the deterioration of the butt angle.

The main factors intervened in butt aesthetics are the size of the fat and connective tissues in the buttock. In butt lift surgery, fat injection is applied. The butt skin is stretched with the injected oil. In order for this tension to be at the right angle, the connective tissues are intervened. By intervening from the line between the two cheeks of the butt or from the waist in the horizontal plane, the angle is approached to the position of ninety degrees. Permanent perpendicularity is provided according to the intervention to the tissues.

Butt Reduction Surgery:

The butt area is the body's largest fat collection center. In order to protect the buttock muscles, the protective fat layer needs to be constantly supported, but due to some factors such as inactivity, eating habits, and stress, excessive fat accumulation may occur in the butt area. After a while, it will be very difficult to destroy the fat layer that settles in the area with sports and diet.
Due to the weight of the fat tissues accumulated in the butt area, the butt skin, butt angle, waist and hip balance changes. The way to restore all these balances is butt aesthetic surgery.

The basic logic in butt reduction operations is to remove the fat tissues that put excessive pressure on the muscles and connective tissues of the butt. The amount of fat that will not make the butt flat is taken from the butt. When removing fat from the buttocks, methods that include either liposuction or incision are used. During the reduction operations, a stretching intervention is also performed to prevent skin sagging. By taking some skin, the butt is made tight and aesthetic. Butt reduction surgeries are rarely performed, but when applied, a very aesthetic and stronger butt appears.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery:

There are three methods to make the butt plump. These are fat injection, filler injection and silicone butt implants, respectively. Among these methods, fat injection, namely BBL, is the most preferred. In this way, the buttock is filled by using the filling materials taken from the patient's own body and the area where the fat is removed (usually waist and hip) is reduced. . In cases where there is not enough fat in the person's body, other methods should be used.

What You Should Know About Brazilian Buttock Lift

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift?

Improves the curves of your lower body.
Adds fullness to your hips and sculpts the body by reducing fat around your hips, hips or abdomen.
For those with flat hips, hip projection gains, giving a younger, aesthetically pleasing shape.
It helps to restore the balance between your upper and lower body.

Turkey's Best BBL Surgeons

Butt augmentation/butt lift surgery is an ideal surgery for people to achieve the full, upright and rounded hips they dream of. Everyone's butt shape is different. In this context, it is very important to choose the appropriate surgery for the shape of the buttock. Butt augmentation/butt lift aesthetics can be offered as an effective solution for people who are not satisfied with their flat or small butt shape. Butt lift surgery is an ideal body shaping operation, especially for people with low and flat buttocks.

As Estetica Istanbul, we work with the best butt lift aesthetics doctors in Turkey in order for this effective and important operation to be successful. Our choice of doctors isn't random or hazardous as we work with those who reduce the risk of having infection that may occur during the surgery, or lumps under the skin in the injected areas and even skin loss in the treated areas due to deep infection. We make sure to prevent the occurrence of risky situations such as embolism and excessive melting of fat in the injected areas.

Am I a Good Candidate for BBL?

If you complain that your butt looks saggy or flat, or if you think it is not as full and round as you would like it to be, the method of injecting fat into the buttock may be a suitable operation for you.

A number of different methods can be used by plastic surgeons to improve the size and contours of the buttock. BBL is designed around the individual's needs. So what are the details that make the individual suitable for butt lift surgery?

If your butt doesn't have the fullness, size and shape you desire due to genetics or time and age restrictions
If your health is good enough to handle surgery
If you are confident in avoiding behaviors your doctor sees as as objectionable. (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)
You feel that your butt has decreased in volume and you are looking for a rounder, more shaped one
Unless you have very saggy skin
If you were not successful with sports
You have the correct general body type for this action. (Your plastic surgeon can review this with you at the consultation.)
If you have extra fat in other parts of your body. (Very important for oil injection process)

You are a suitable candidate for BBL surgery.

Popular Butt Lift Surgery Techniques

Butt Augmentation with Dermal Fillers:

It is a type of butt lift that uses the dermal filler Sculptra. In this procedure, your doctor will place the polylactic-L-acid deep under the surface of your skin. This acid is also known as a biostimulator. It encourages the body to produce collagen and if it is effective, it makes the butt look fuller and more curved.

Butt Lift with Silicone Prosthesis

Butt implants are silicone prostheses that can be placed to add volume to the buttock. Butt implants are either round or oval (anatomical) in shape and very similar to breast implants, and can be smooth and textured. Butt augmentation begins with the surgeon making an incision in the crease between the buttocks, depending on the patient's body type. The surgeon then creates a pocket for the implant that can be placed above or within the gluteus maximus muscle. After the implant is placed, the incision is closed with sutures. Sometimes drains are placed so that a small amount of blood can be started within the first week after surgery. Depending on the patient, liposuction may be used to improve the final shape of adjacent areas such as the flanks and hips.
The Differences Between Brazilian Hip Surgery and Silicone Hip Replacement

The most important advantage of Brazilian butt lift surgery is that it enlarges the hip size without an implant (silicone hip replacement). Brazilian Buttock (BBL) Surgery is a very natural-looking operation with obvious results.
However, if the person is very thin, body fat is not enough, then silicone hip replacement may be the only way to achieve the size increase you desire. Silicone Buttock Prostheses may be a good option for some patients. Although, it is important to understand the additional risks of having implants (hip replacements), including capsular contracture and a higher risk of infection. Hip implants may look less natural compared to experts on Brazilian Buttock (BBL) Surgery.

Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

-The recovery process after brazilian butt lift surgery requires some special precautions. While the pain after Brazilian butt surgery is typically minimal, it can be easily controlled with painkillers prescribed by your doctor. For about 2 weeks after Brazilian buttock augmentation surgery, you are not allowed to sit or lie down directly on your hips, it is recommended to lie on your belly instead of your back.
-After Brazilian butt lift (BBL), you will need to lie on your belly or on your side, and stand for all activities except using the toilet. During the period when you are allowed to sit and lie on your back, you will be given to perform this procedure by using a ''bagel'' style seat or placing a pillow under your thighs to prevent pressure on the buttock. After Brazilian butt lift, normal sitting activity is usually allowed after 8 weeks.
-As directed by your BBL surgeon, you can resume light daily activities within 1 week after surgery and return to work within 10 to 14 days.

Things to Consider Before BBL Surgery

-It is important that the person is psychologically ready for a successful Brazilian Buttock lift surgery. After the examinations of the BBL surgeon and the requests of the person, the aesthetic technique to be used during the surgery is decided.
-Health tests deemed necessary by the doctor will be applied before the surgery. The surgery will be performed under general anesthesia.

The rules that the person must comply with before coming to the surgery are as follows:

Do not smoke for at least 24 hours before surgery.
Stop drinking alcohol 1 week before the operation.
If you are using blood thinners, stop using them according to your doctor's advice.
If you have a chronic disease, tell your doctor before surgery.
Avoid or limit caffeine-containing foods and beverages for 24 hours before surgery.
Before surgery, if you have nail polish kindly remove it. (The oxygen level of the patient under general anesthesia is primarily followed from the nails)
stop eating at least 8 hours before the scheduled time for the surgery.

Things to Consider After BBL Surgery

Pain and movement difficulties may occur after BBL. Things to consider after butt lift will minimize these concerns.

Do not shower for the first three days after Brazilian butt lift.
After the operation, the corset recommended by your specialist butt surgeon should be worn for at least 3 weeks and the corset should be removed only during the shower.
Pain and aches are normal in the first days after buttock aesthetics. These can be relieved with painkillers recommended by your doctor.
Long walking and heavy exercises should not be done for a few weeks after Brazilian Butt Lift Aesthetics.

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