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Bichectomy in Turkey

Turkey, which has received patients from all over the world for Bichectomy , is a country that has made its name in the world of aesthetics with its specialist doctors and experienced clinics. Turkey, which enables patients to leave clinics early with successful clinical results, medical expertise, the latest technology and high-quality care.

With its advanced aesthetic techniques, Turkey offers you reasonable and affordable prices compared to the ones abroad, providing you with accommodation and interpreter support during your stay. With its remarkable hospitality, Turkey receives a high satisfaction guarantee from its domestic and international patients.

We work with the best hospitals and medical clinics in Istanbul and offer a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures at great safety and affordable prices.

10 Reasons to be Treated in Turkey

  • Ultra-modern clinics and hospitals with international quality certificates and 5* hotel quality
  • Well-trained and experienced specialists and doctors as well as medical staff
  • Treatment with the latest technological equipment
  • Patient safety through strict government control of compliance with international health care laws
  • Between 50% and 70% lower costs than in most other countries
  • Short-term appointments for all types of treatments without annoying queues
  • No language barriers due to well-trained and multilingual assistants accompanying patients
  • Cost coverage for treatments by many international health insurances
  • Possibility to see the natural and historical beauties of Turkey during the rehabilitation process
  • Easy accessibility through the fourth-largest airline network in the world, Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to 197 international destinations in 104 countries

Medical facilities in Turkey use only leading international brands in their equipment, follow technical development and always keep their facilities up to date and modern!

Information About the Most Popular Bichectomy Procedures

Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics

Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)

Today, men or women undergo many aesthetic operations in order to have a better appearance. One of these aesthetic operations is bichectomy cheek surgery.

Bichectomy aesthetic operation is the process of removing excess fat called bichat on the cheeks in order to enlarge the cheekbones and make the facial features more proportional. It is also known as the Hollywood cheek because it is preferred by Hollywood stars. Bichectomy or cheek aesthetics makes the face look thinner and younger by revealing the cheekbones.

To Whom Should Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics) Be Applied?

Bichectomy is applied to people who have a large amount of fat on their cheeks and therefore have unclear facial features, whose face looks bulky, and who have thick and square facial features. The facial features are made sharper and more prominent. Men as well as women benefit from bichectomy. It is performed by removing less buccal adipose tissue, since men have less adipose tissue compared to women.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Cheek Aesthetics?

Several factors determine whether a person is eligible for a bichectomy surgery or not. These factors are;

Being physically healthy
Having a healthy body weight
A round and plump face structure
Having realistic expectations about post-operative cheek appearance
No tobacco

Bichectomy surgery may not be suitable for everyone. These people are;

Individuals with thin facial features
For overweight and obese people and
Bichectomy is not recommended for individuals over the age of 45.

The patient should be evaluated in detail before the operation so that the surgery could be performed accordingly.

All About Bichectomy

What is Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)?

Cheeks, which directly affect the appearance of the face, can cause the person to look overweight due to the fat ratio on the face, even if the person has an ideal weight. In such cases, the person resorts to bichectomy operation in order to get rid of the overweight condition on their face. Bichectomy is the process of removing excess fat from the cheeks. Bichectomy operation is performed by removing the buccal fat tissue in the middle of the cheeks. Thus, the face gains a more attractive, youthful and aesthetic appearance. Bichectomy, also known as Hollywood cheek, is applied to individuals who want to have a sharp and triangular face structure.

How is Cheek Aesthetics Performed?

In cheek thinning surgery performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia, a small incision of approximately 1 cm is made into the cheek of the patient after anesthesia and some of the buccal adipose tissue is removed. After the removed fat tissues, the incision is sutured and the operation is completed. After the bichectomy operation, which takes a maximum of 1 hour, the patient is discharged during the day. Since the incisions are inside the cheek, there is no scar on the outer part of the cheek and the aesthetic appearance of the face is not adversely affected.

What are the Advantages of Cheek Aesthetics?

The procedure time is short and does not require hospitalization.
As it is performed under local anesthesia, anesthesia-related symptoms such as nausea are not observed after the operation.
Persons with round and plump facial features can achieve facial features in a short time that cannot be achieved with diet and sports.
Provides a more effective and smoother appearance since there is no filling or prosthesis application.
Because the fat tissue in the cheek is removed, weight gain does not cause facial features to return to their original shape.
The recovery period after the operation is fast. Since there is no incision on the skin surface, it does not pose an aesthetic problem.

Things to Consider Before Bichectomy?

As in all aesthetic operations, blood thinners should be discontinued at least a week before bichectomy.
Food supplements and herbal teas should also be stopped 3 days before.
Alcohol and tobacco consumption should be stopped 1 week before the operation.

Before the operation, we do an online consultation with you to suggest what's best for you based on your health, body and your situation in general. At this stage, it is necessary to state your expectations and goals including whether you have any disease, whether there is any medication or food supplement that you regularly use.

Thanks to this information, our surgeons create a preliminary idea about the possible risk and recovery period, and the surgical operation is performed in the most appropriate way for the person.

Things to Consider After Bichectomy?

The recovery process of each patient may differ after bichectomy surgery. The more careful you are after the surgery, the easier and faster you will get through this process. In general, the recovery period covers 14 days. Things to watch out for;

Consuming soft food and cold drinks during the first three days after bichectomy will also prevent possible bleeding.
It is important to avoid hard food that needs to be chewed.
You should also avoid sun exposure.
Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed during the recovery period. Blood thinners should not be used as they create a risk of bleeding.
Heavy exercise and various physical activities should be avoided for 5-7 days after the surgery.

It should not be forgotten that paying attention to the recommendations of the physician during the recovery period will accelerate the healing process. Since the fat tissue in the cheek is removed with bichectomy surgery, the procedure is permanent. If the person gains weight, fat tissue does not accumulate in the cheek area as much as before, so the triangular face appearance does not disappear.

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