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Teeth whitening (Bleaching) in Turkey

Turkey, which has received patients from all over the world for Teeth whitening (Bleaching) , is a country that has made its name in the world of aesthetics with its specialist doctors and experienced clinics. Turkey, which enables patients to leave clinics early with successful clinical results, medical expertise, the latest technology and high-quality care.

With its advanced aesthetic techniques, Turkey offers you reasonable and affordable prices compared to the ones abroad, providing you with accommodation and interpreter support during your stay. With its remarkable hospitality, Turkey receives a high satisfaction guarantee from its domestic and international patients.

We work with the best hospitals and medical clinics in Istanbul and offer a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures at great safety and affordable prices.

10 Reasons to be Treated in Turkey

  • Ultra-modern clinics and hospitals with international quality certificates and 5* hotel quality
  • Well-trained and experienced specialists and doctors as well as medical staff
  • Treatment with the latest technological equipment
  • Patient safety through strict government control of compliance with international health care laws
  • Between 50% and 70% lower costs than in most other countries
  • Short-term appointments for all types of treatments without annoying queues
  • No language barriers due to well-trained and multilingual assistants accompanying patients
  • Cost coverage for treatments by many international health insurances
  • Possibility to see the natural and historical beauties of Turkey during the rehabilitation process
  • Easy accessibility through the fourth-largest airline network in the world, Turkish Airlines offers direct flights to 197 international destinations in 104 countries

Medical facilities in Turkey use only leading international brands in their equipment, follow technical development and always keep their facilities up to date and modern!

Information About the Most Popular Teeth whitening (Bleaching) Procedures

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Teeth Whitening Following Steps

1-Preparation of teeth impression: Your dentist will thoroughly clean up the teeth and make an impression of the teeth. Later he will prepare the mouthguard that you will be asked to wear. The dentist will apply a solution to your teeth.

2- Use of laser: After the solution is applied, the dentist will apply some laser light on the teeth. This will result in the whitening of the teeth. This whole procedure will take around an hour.

3- Post-surgery treatment: You will be asked to control your hunger once the procedure is done. You would be allowed to eat or drink after certain hours. Then you may eat as much as you want.

4- Outcomes: The outcomes are very shiny and white teeth. Furthermore, if you prevent them from smoke, alcoholic beverages, etc. then they may stay white for a good long period. It merely depends upon how you keep them after treatment.

Teeth whitening (Bleaching)

Tooth structure and the white appearance of the teeth are very important in terms of aesthetics. Teeth whitening, which allows the person to smile and feel more comfortable, is a treatment frequently applied by dentists in recent years. Tooth whitening is the removal of colored organic and inorganic substances formed in the porous enamel and dentin structure on the surface of the teeth by our specialist physicians.

To Whom Should Teeth Whitening Be Applied?

Teeth whitening cannot be applied in some cases such as:

People with large pulp teeth,
Extremely worn teeth,
In teeth with porcelain crown application,
In women during pregnancy and lactation,
Individuals with poor oral health,
In people with dental structural disorders,
People with tooth sensitivity,

Teeth whitening cannot be applied to people with tooth fractures or tooth decay.
Am I a suitable candidate for teeth whitening?

The most suitable candidates for professional teeth whitening application, those who have healthy teeth and healthy gum tissues without fillings and restorations are suitable candidates for teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Surgery Techniques

Teeth whitening techniques are different. These techniques are;

Office type teeth whitening (Power Bleaching)

This method is also known as the 'Laser teeth whitening method' and is performed by the physician in the clinic. The treatment lasts for about an hour. The application time is shorter than other methods. The whitening gel applied on the teeth by the dentist is activated with the help of UV light or laser. In a short time, your tooth color will lighten by 3-4 tones. It is the fastest, most effective and reliable whitening technique.

Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching)

In the home-type teeth whitening method, personalized whitening plaques are prepared with a simple measurement taken from the mouth. Certain amounts of dental gel are placed in these prepared plates. Home-type teeth whitening is the whitening process done by putting gels into plastic mouthpieces. Desired whitening is achieved in an average of 5-7 days. It needs to be worn 4-8 hours a day (depending on the color and gel).

Combined teeth whitening (Home + office whitening)

With this method, teeth whitening is applied together at home and in the office environment. After it is applied in the clinic, the process is supported with home bleaching for 2-3 days.

Single tooth whitening (internal whitening)

Single tooth whitening is a technique applied to teeth that change color after root canal treatment. The filling in the tooth is removed, the whitening gel is applied to the opened space, and then the tooth is closed with a temporary filling. The sessions are repeated at 3-day intervals until the desired color is achieved.

Is the Whitening Process Permanent? Will Teeth Return to Their Old Color Again?

Teeth whitening is a permanent process as long as you take into considerations the necessary precautions to maintain the white color.

Are teeth whiteners effective in dentures and fillings?

No, teeth whiteners are not effective on dentures, fillings, crowns and veneers. It only works on natural teeth.

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Estethic Life administers a wide range of aesthetics and medical services in Turkey under the supervision of highly qualified doctors and nurses, using the latest advanced technologies at reasonable prices. We provide you with a free medical consultation for Teeth whitening (Bleaching) given by a specialized medical team!


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